Summer 2020 Junior Camps



At the John Powless Tennis Center, we offer junior programs designed to deliver an experience rich in learning, social interaction, competitive development, and FUN! No matter what level of skill a player brings to the game, we'll provide them with a program suited to their individual needs. Our goal is to help maximize potential, gain confidence, and foster a love for the game, all in a comfortable learning environment.

*For registration please call the front desk at 608-274-6262

Summer 2020 Sessions


    I. Begins June 11 - ends July 1

    II. Begins week of July 13 - ends July 31

    III. Begins week of August 3 - ends August 21

*Make - up classes have to be preapproved by the head coach*

*Payment due on date of registration* 

*Class sizes will be smaller*

*Maximum of 4 students per court (3 students for Red Ball)*

*We will disinfect touch surfaces after each class*

*Students will be instructed to play "hands-free" -- no handling of group tennis balls*

Red Ball
Ages 5-7


These classes will help players develop fundamental strokes, movement and basic tennis skills like rallying, through games that promote fun and learning.



4:45 PM, 45 minutes


4:45 PM, 45 minutes

JPTC Member: $60 

Non-Member: $130  

Orange Ball 
 Ages 8-10


Players at this level will work on developing stronger tennis skills such as stroke technique, foot work, balance and recognition.



3:30 PM, 60 minutes


3:30 PM, 60 minutes

JPTC Member: $60 

Non-Member: $140  

Beginner/ Adv. Beginner
Ages 11 +


Players will work on the proper swing, grips, and footwork patterns in order to play the game and have fun.


Monday & Wednesday 

4:00 PM, 75 minutes


9:45 AM, 75 minutes

JPTC Member: $120   

 Non-Member: $190

Middle School Performance 
Ages 11 - 14


For tournament/future high school players looking to strengthen their game with strategies and tactics.
Players need to be capable of keeping the ball in play, as we work on multiple types of shots. 


 Monday - Thursday  

11:15 AM, 75 minutes



11:00 AM, 75 minutes


JPTC Member: $170  

Non-Member: $350

Ages 11 - 17


For players who are comfortable rallying and playing matches. This class will improve their competitive edge through consistency, strength, and game skills.


Monday & Wednesday 

2:45 PM, 75 minutes


9:45 AM, 75 minutes

JPTC Member: $120   

 Non-Member: $190

High School
 Ages 15 - 18


For advanced players wanting a challenge to work hard and maximize their skill potential.

Monday - Thursday  

6:00 PM, 75 minutes



9:30 AM, 75 minutes


JPTC Member: $170  

Non-Member: $350

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