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  2018-19 JPTC Renovation

Forced by flooding... furthered by friends.

The historic flooding that began the evening of August 20, 2018, and adversely impacted the personal and professional lives of so many in southern Wisconsin touched JPTC as well. Floodwater covered the tennis courts -- indoor and out -- and poured into the building's central area, rising more than a foot high.

     Grateful the losses were only material, we immediately entered recovery mode. The professionals from ServPro helped us tackle the cleanup, while our members, neighbors and friends near and far encouraged us with kind words and gestures. From the delivery of still-warm homemade treats to an online fundraising campaign begun by club member Susan McDonald, hope touched our hearts as we faced the uninsured uncertainty of what lie ahead.

     With water gone, the scope of the damage revealed a daunting task. Two club members - Carol Richards and Peggy Robbins - gifted us with their professional talents in architecture and design to help create a plan, repairing what we could and replacing what we must as wisely, flood-resistant and cost-effectively as possible.

     They helped us navigate every step of the way with our contractor, J. H. Findorff and Son, incorporating the gifts and talents of so many generous souls, which finds us today enjoying a fresh, comfortable, playful space. And it's full of special touches thanks to the custom artwork of club member Diane Neukirch, whose graphic artistry brightens most every renovated area.

     To all our members and friends, thank you for continuing to be part of JPTC, enjoying tennis and each other. You graciously ignored the non-existant amenities during the first months of renovation and the construction zone you bypassed to get to the courts.

     Perhaps trite and obvious, but so real we have to say...


 Thanks. We wouldn't be here without you.

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